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I am making a vertical Menu using GWT MenuBar and selection of particular MenuItem shows content on the right, I am trying to make something similar to TabPanel, but with Tabs on left instead of being on top. Now, since I've got the Menu items and actions in place, I want to remove the effect of hovering over and changing color, and keep that menu item selected which was clicked last and whose content is loaded on the right. I am open to any comments, if you have a better solution to implement this, using some other components(with-in) GWT, please drop in a comment with your suggestions, I'll really appreciate that. Or if you can just tell me how can I disable this effect, of hovering and sticking to only that selection, That would be awesome too.. Thanks to everyone, taking time to read this and suggesting a solution.

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It's all defined in the CSS of your GWT's theme (probably the default one), so it's a matter of overriding those styles - make sure it's not the other way around :) Inspect the code with a tool like Firebug to see what's exactly being set and change that.

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I have the same problem. I didn't find out how to make it with css. I found only .gwt-MenuItem-selected and that didn't solve it. My question is here. –  qben Jan 22 '13 at 22:04
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