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I have a development database on my computer and a production database on Heroku. I need to run a migration on the production database, to clear certain data, that I don't want to run on the development one. So far I've only been doing migrations that I've wanted to run on both, so I just create it on my computer, run it, then when I upload to Heroku I run it on there too. How can I do a migration only on the production database? Thanks for reading.

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  1. Create your migration.
  2. Commit, push, run on heroku with heroku rake db:migrate --app myapp.
  3. Comment out the contents of the up block.
  4. Run the (now-empty) migration locally.
  5. Uncomment or git checkout/reset to get back to normal.

This way both your local db and production db will consider the migration to have been run and not try to run it again.

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Migrations are intended to update the structure of your database, not to manipulate data. If you want to manipulate data, you should use the console or a script.

$ heroku console
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RAILS_ENV=production rake db:migrate

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