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I am trying to make form elements draggable using jQuery UI. For example, buttons, checkboxes, textfields, etc. So far I have had no luck. Do you have any ideas how to accomplish this?

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I think this best suits your requirements :) Its draggable + resizable on input element yet you dont lost their nature to be editable.


Here's my solution for you: my jsFiddle.

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The trick consists to put a transparent div over the inputs elements :

div div{
    height: 100%;
    width: 100%;

div input{
<div><div>&nbsp;</div><input type="text" value="..." disabled="true"/></div>
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This is what I was looking for. I needed to display form inputs, make them draggable and unusable without changing their appearance for a WYSIWYG. Can't believe I didn't think of this simple solution. –  Johannes Aug 7 at 19:45

Maybe 3 years too late but you could dispatch event and use following snippet for a more expected behaviour:

DEMO jsFiddle

    start: function( event, ui ) {
       $(this).data('preventBehaviour', true);
$(".draggable :input").on('mousedown', function (e) {
    var mdown = document.createEvent("MouseEvents");
    mdown.initMouseEvent("mousedown", false, true, window, 0, e.screenX, e.screenY, e.clientX, e.clientY, true, false, false, true, 0, null);
}).on('click', function(e){
    var $draggable = $(this).closest('.draggable');
        $draggable.data("preventBehaviour", false)
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Well input elements need to be editable, so making them draggable would make them uneditable.

Wrap them in a <span> or a <div>, and I strongly suggest you use a handle.

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the best solution is that you put them into a div or span

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