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What x11 header file and function would I use to change the position of the cursor on the display? I have heard there is a straight forward function on Vc++ but I wish to be able to use this on linux.

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You can't trivially port programs from windows to xwindows, at least not without using a cross platform toolkit like gtk+ or Qt.

That said, the most basic way to move the pointer about on X is using the XWarpPointer() method, which is to be had by including X11/Xlib.h


Apparently you are using Qt after all. you need to use QCursor::setpos which is defined in QCursor

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Ok, thank you. How would you port those to another platform? Only reason for asking is because this is being written in qt and it might save me some time. –  a sandwhich Oct 9 '10 at 4:09

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