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I am a neophyte at MIDI. Does a MIDI soundbank contains "instructions" [sic] for a MIDI synthesizer to turn into PCM audio?

I have numerous pieces of variable-duration audio (currently in PCM and thus my ask) that I would like to sequence (if you will) and provide instructions to play (and mix them) based upon a server-generated timeline. MIDI logically seems to be the answer, though I am a little fuzzy on what exactly is a soundbank and if it is indeed just a bank of PCM sounds?

Update: I am initially looking at this from Java.

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A soundbank is a collection of digital recordings each intended to be used as a digital musical instrument. I think what you are looking for is a MIDI sequencer that will allow you to specify the soundbank.

You haven't mentioned your development platform, which is a key (no pun intended) piece of needed information. Do you already have a MIDI sequencer available in a library?

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Correct it is Java, and updated in the question. I know there are some limitations in the format of the commercial soundbank with the java sound api (or rather its default impl). – Xepoch Oct 9 '10 at 4:25

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