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I have a GoDaddy WildCard Certificate Installed in my Windows 2008 R2 Box. I'm running IIS 7.5

My cert is for *

I plan to use it on 50-100 sub domains. Each one will have a unique IP. I have the cert installed the on server.

for some reason it only works on the 1st site i installed, and not other sites. Those other sites just point to the first site when accesses via https - and yes, I just a different IP for those sites.


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That definitely sounds like a symptom of all the sites using the same IP address. If you are sure each site is bound to a different site, maybe try these instructions:

Since it is a wildcard certificate, you can also put all the sites on the same IP address and configure them to use the certificate using these instructions:

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I found the error. tips 1) install the firefox extension that show's you the ip address of a website in the status bar (it really helps) 2) in my domain registrar's dns congif, I forgot to add the records for the new domains – aron Oct 21 '10 at 18:22

You need to install a cert on each ip address (that's a lot of ip addresses you are installing on). Sounds like you only have the cert installed on the first ip address. Try using Manager to manager your certs.

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