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I am using Iconic's IIRF URL Rewriting Engine on IIS and the "fancy" URLs are something like this:


This example URL corresponds to:


Now inside the some-function.asp file I need to know the page that was requested by the browser. I went through all IIS variables but wasn't able to find the value /some-function/418/some-keyword-rich-filename.html inside any of them.

As a side note, I need this information to send 301 redirect to browsers. E.g. if the browser requests:


I first need to send the browser to:


And this is why I need the original url for comparison.

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For IIRF, this is called unmangling and can be achieved by using the modifier U.

From the IIRF manual:

U = Store original url in server variable HTTP_X_REWRITE_URL

Simply add the modifier U to the RewriteRule for which you would like to retain the original url. For example:

RewriteRule ^/some-function/(\d+)/(.*)$ /some-function.asp?SOME-ID=$1 [I,U,L] 

Then, in the code of your page some-function.asp, you may access the original url like this (classic ASP):

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