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i need to use the function in another class file as thread

int main()
master t;

boost::thread t1(boost::bind(t.start, "exampl"));


i have an class master and a function start ..i need to pass an value to it and run i have used this in same class it works fine...can any one tell me where i am wrong

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You need to bind the member function to the instance:

boost::thread t1(boost::bind(&master::start, t, "exampl"));
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The OP might want to write boost::thread t1(boost::bind(&master::start, &t, "exampl")); (passing &t instead of t to bind) if copying the master object is undesirable or impossible. – Doug Oct 9 '10 at 9:05

James's solution will have your master object copied. If you want to sort of pass by reference, then

boost::thread t1(boost::bind(&master::start, &t, "exampl"));


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