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when i do a object.dump() i can get only 1 level. How do i do multiple levels. is ther any examples.

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You need to be more specific... Post an example of what you're doing, and tell us what you expect and what you see. Dump normally shows multiple levels (if there are multiple levels of course) –  Thomas Levesque Oct 9 '10 at 17:22
You can see the screenshot in screencast.com/t/vxDMfMIX where i have framed the keyvaluepair that i cannot see expanded. how do i get it done? The code i used is var connstr = "Server=localhost:27017"; mongo = new Mongo(connstr); mongo.Connect(); mongo.GetDatabase("TorontoTrader").GetCollection("TradingStrategyRefresher").Dum‌​p(); –  junkone Oct 11 '10 at 15:28

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Looking at that screenshot, the simple answer is that LINQPad's default Dump depth of 5 is not enough for that object graph. You can increase it by calling Dump with a numeric argument:

obj.Dump(6);  // dump 6 levels deep

(A more subtle issue is that LINQPad has hit its graph limit in between a list node and its members and this is a bit ugly. I've fixed this for the next LINQPad build.)

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