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I have a UIScrollView that nests a UIImage and several symbols that are placed on the image programatically.

When the user zooms I need to scale these symbols up to have them keep the same size, whilst the underlying image is zoomed.

I placed the symbols and the image in a UIView to ensure the symbol position is alidned to image coordinates.

First attempt:

My attempt to do this is to place a routine in the viewForZoomingInScrollview method. But when reading the myScrollView.zoomScale parameter I hit the recursion problem that causes an infinte loop on viewForZoomingInScrollview (see stackoverflow bug report).

I now struggle to find a way to determine the current zoomScale, hence am unable to determine the scale-factor that I need to apply when scaling my symbols.

Any hints how I can do this?

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I solved this by doing the following

a) have the zommable content attached to a UIView that sits below the UIScrollView b) point viewForZoomingInScrollView to this UIView c) add non-zooming objects next to the UIView below the UIScrollView d) add methods to recalculate the non-zomming-object-coordinates based on the zoomScale.

does it for me ...

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What's the basic concept of recalculating positions? Could you give an example, please? –  fzwo May 30 '11 at 15:53

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