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I can use select * from sys.tables in mssql to show a list of all tables in the current database. Is there anyways I can use similar syntax to show list of tables in another database?

Say I am using A with use A statement, can I show tables in database B?

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This does it for me (MS SQL 2005 and newer):

select * from your_database_name.sys.tables

Keep in mind that you (or whatever authentication context you're using) will still need read permission on that database.

To use your example:

use a;

select * from sys.tables; -- selects table info from a
select * from b.sys.tables; -- selects table info from b
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good job thank you very much –  Haoest Dec 23 '08 at 18:28
The question and answer should be clarified as being applicable to MS-SQL 2005 and newer. –  Peter LaComb Jr. Dec 23 '08 at 18:55

Another possibility is to use:

select * from your_database_name.information_schema.tables
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