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I'm looking for a set of emails encrypted (and signed) by a variety of email clients in order to test a mail client. A downloadable mbox file along with test gpg keys would be ideal for this.

There seem to be a variety of ways that emails are encrypted (and signed), so getting all of them to work is difficult. And then you find another client that gets it wrong in a slightly different way, and you want to refactor your code but not break decryption of any emails you already support.

So does anyone know of such a dataset? Or failing that, a good list of the ways that different bits of software encrypt emails?

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do you just mean PGP/GPG or also S/MIME? – IanNorton Mar 30 '11 at 18:33

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Various clients sign and encrypt mail usually in two ways.


You should be able to generate a good set of these using tools like mutt to script creation of these messages. I know this is not exactly the 'answer' but should help.

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