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i'm hoping to find some add-ons for Visual Studio to address some specific usability issues. Is there a Visual Studio addons gallery that contains a huge dumping ground of addons that every person, company, yahoo and hick have created?

Kind of like Vista Sidebar Gadget gallery, but for addons.

Kind of like CodePlex, but for addons.

Is Visual Studio Gallery it?

Not that it's important to my question, but some of the IDE functionality i was hoping to see addressed through addons:

  • tabs are placed in chronological open order
  • renaming a control renames attached event handlers
  • deleting all code from an event handler deletes and unhooks the event handler
  • deleting an event handler unhooks it
  • rearrange code so private, protected and public methods and grouped. Properties and events are grouped. Private variables are grouped.
  • analyse for using lint
  • controls that have been cut/pasted have their event handlers functional
  • full support for B.R.I.E.F. bookmarks (found it)
  • /// automatically adds thrown exceptions
  • /// comments are rendered on the item their declared for
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You may be looking for this

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Looks like Visual Studio Gallery is it. –  Ian Boyd Jan 5 '09 at 14:55

Have you checked the MSDN Code Gallery?

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