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I installed python-qt4 package (and other dependencies) and have netbeans with python support on ubuntu. What settings in netbeans must i change to be able to import from PyQt4?

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This is the first question I asked that hasn't been answered for an hour. Where are the pros? –  san8055 Oct 9 '10 at 20:44
I'm a Netbeans/Qt4/C++ developer but I have next to no experience with Python unfortunately. If you can clarify with a more specific issue like maybe a build error or something you might trigger some input. I like to keep an eye on the pyqt4 questions though because some Qt questions are independent of the language. Maybe eventually I'll absorb some Python knowledge too :) –  Arnold Spence Oct 9 '10 at 21:10
I stand corrected 12hrs.. no answer :( –  san8055 Oct 10 '10 at 8:11

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