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Note: For marketting analyze, this url is in many other websites (ex: http://mysite.com/marketting ). So user clicks it and comes to my site.

Problem: But how can i check from where he came from? Did he came from facebook/ or google.com/ stackoverflow.com or wordpress.com or etc.com

How can you find, which link he clicked and reached to my site???

i tried javascript: 
/* Doesnt provide previous url, if i am not in my localhost */
/* so, doesnt work */
var referer = document.referer;

/* PHP/ZF - doesnt work, cant get from where it came */

$locale = new Zend_Locale();
// Return all default locales
$found = $locale->getDefault();

// Return only browser locales
$found2 = $locale->getDefault(Zend_Locale::BROWSER,TRUE);

$found3 = $locale->getEnvironment(); // getBrowser()

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Easily done with PHP:

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That is what i already tested. But i dont get the any url except "/" while using Zend_Debug::dump($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] . $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']); –  YumYumYum Oct 9 '10 at 21:35
phpinfo(32); doesnt show any referer. –  YumYumYum Oct 9 '10 at 21:39
I think its not possible. Because--> (1) Google or Other search engines have there own link collections --> (2) when a link is searched by there engine they have referer url ---> (3) In that case site owner will send the referer information i guess. –  YumYumYum Oct 9 '10 at 21:52
So, we cant hope 100% that we have referer url's –  YumYumYum Oct 9 '10 at 21:53
You don't get an HTTP_REFERER if you enter the URL directly in the browser. Why do you use Zend_Debug::dump($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] . $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']); and not Zend_Debug::dump($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']); ?? –  Claudiu Oct 9 '10 at 22:42

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