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I have a map with name/value pairs:

def myMap = [
  "username"  : "myname",
  "age" : 30,
  "zipcode" : 10010

I have a class called User defined:

class User {
  def username;
  def age;
  def zipcode;

I would like to invoke the appropriate setters on the bean. Is there a nice groovy way of doing this? Note, I might have extra stuff in the myMap that wouldn't be set. (The map is a form parameter values map)

I was thinking about using invokeMethod but I was assuming there was a better way.

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I found this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1370808/groovy-bind-properties-from-one-object-to-another

And I realized I could do the following:

def prunedMap = [:]
    if (User.metaClass.properties.find{p-> p.name == it.key}) {
        prunedMap.put(it.key, it.value)

User user = new User(prunedMap)
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You could also do: new User( myMap.findAll { k, v -> k in User.metaClass.properties*.name } ) –  tim_yates Oct 10 '10 at 0:42

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