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QUESTION: Authenticating Drupal Users Using Remote Call to Active Directory Single-Sign-On(SSO), How do I do it?

SPECS(DRUPAL_SYSTEM): Linux-CentOS-5.X, Apache-2.X, PHP-5.X, Drupal-6.X

CONTROL(DRUPAL_SYSTEM): 100% control of Drupal server making call to Authenticating server using Active Directory Single-Sign-On

SPECS(SSO_SYSTEM): Currently Unknown, but run by same company

CONTROL(SSO_SYSTEM): None Currently, but run by same company

LEVEL_OF_KNOWLEDGE: Basic for all systems listed, but able to trouble shoot tech subjects.

Thanks in Advance!!

TAGS: drupal single-sign-on active-directory authentication

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  • Webserver
  • Auth Webserver LDAP
  • LDAP Provisioning
  • LDAP Integration
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Thank you for the reply, Have you done this before? I'm looking for an implementation based on the system specs I have. Also, are those four different approaches to solve the same problem, or a series of steps that is one answer? Is your refernce to "Webserver" and "Auth Webserver LDAP" mean to do "Single Sign-On with Apache and Active Directory" or something else? – blunders Oct 10 '10 at 1:57
Also, I believe by "LDAP Integration" your talking about: DOCs: Do you have a link to "LDAP Integration" a how to? And by "LDAP Provisioning" I believe your talking about: DOCs: (none found, link please) Do you have a link to "LDAP Provisioning" DOCs or a how to? – blunders Oct 10 '10 at 1:58

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