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I am trying this code in Javascript. But its not working.... The postData is json data sent to the server to be saved. I have checked that JSON data needs to be parsed or stringify... is that the problem.. or I am doing some other silly mistake...

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You have handleSuccess defined twice. The second time is a no-op. Get rid of the second 'var handleSuccess = ...' and put in a handleFailure definition.

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Actually what you have even not JSON string. It is just invalid string. You need to put it in ''.

var postData ='_out=json&name=justtryit&def={"layout":[{"id":"sw-156","xy":[168,80]},{"id":"_OUTPUT","xy":[508.33331298828125,95.81666564941406]}],"modules":[{"type":"fetch","id":"sw-156","conf":{"URL":{"value":"www.sports.yahoo.com","type":"url"}}},{"type":"output","id":"_OUTPUT","conf":{}}],"terminaldata":[],"wires":[{"id":"_w1","src":{"id":"_OUTPUT","moduleid":"sw-156"},"tgt":{"id":"_INPUT","moduleid":"_OUTPUT"}}]}&rnd=7821&.crumb=P.r4cQGAC.Y';

It should work if you are doing right call

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Thanks for a answer... I just tried a above change putting single quotes instead of double quote..any oar problem you think can be? –  Judy Oct 10 '10 at 2:29
Thanks for a answer Eldar... I tried a single quotes but it didn't worked....can you are be some oar problem .... –  Judy Oct 10 '10 at 2:32
Check if there any call browser sends. Use firebug plugin for this in Firefox. Net tab. –  Eldar Djafarov Oct 11 '10 at 17:26

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