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I'm trying to use an old laptop (Win2000 P3 1.1Ghz 256MB ram) as an oracle database server for a small group project of 3/6 people on my college. I don't need much, just some databases with 2 accounts, 10/15 tables, some views and triggers, however even the simplest database requires 1GB of physical ram (2GB of swap) and the installer refuses to overlook this need.

Is there a simple Oracle server database that I can install on this system without upgrading it?

I would really like to reuse this 9yo laptop as a server since it isn't really doing much besides gathering dust at a corner, but all the software seems to have high requirements for something so simple as a MySQL database.

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This is SuperUser or ServerFault question... That said, there are a number of linux distros that are designed for servers, so I assume you could use one of these. –  Rafe Kettler Oct 10 '10 at 1:02
The lack of RAM, followed by being a laptop means this doesn't have horsepower worth dedicating to a database. –  OMG Ponies Oct 10 '10 at 2:08

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11g won't install on something this small. Given that a Standard Edition license is a couple of thousand dollars, why try to run it on hardware that is worth a tenth of that cost.

You may be able to use the Express Edition (which has the added advantage of being free to use). The requirements suggest it can barely run on 256 Mb. Personally, I'd spring for a memory upgrade. Stick a note up in the college, as there's probably someone who has done a RAM upgrade on a laptop and has some old chips lying around.

I'd also dump Windows and go for a simple Linux install.

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I've tried to install the express edition but even that one gives the not-enought-memory error (since the svga card and the cpu share memory the real physical memory is just ~222MB), as for the memory upgrade the motherboard caps it at 512MB so no luck installing the 11g, I will give a try on the express edition on a vm before buying a memory upgrade –  RuntimeError Oct 10 '10 at 10:55

I doubt you can install any current version of Oracle on such a system. Have you considered using Amazon or some other hosting solution? See http://stackoverflow.com/q/3592532/409172

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