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I'm aware that there is an ASP.NET Wizards Control however this is fairly basic and doesn't offer a whole lot of flexibility.

I was wondering if there was a .Net based wizards framework that allowed you to build complex wizards with some of the following features:

  • Re-use steps between wizards
  • Dynamically control the wizard flow
  • Per page and wizard wide validation

I know there are workflow / BPM style systems like Skelta and BPM, but I'm looking to build things like Line of Credit application or a Mortgage application which needs multiple steps and could have complex validation rules.

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You can do all three of your bullet points with the ASP.Net Wizard Control

  1. Use Web Controls for the content of your steps.

  2. On a click of the NextButton, capture what the ActiveStepIndex is and continue processing based on the result.

  3. See #2. You could, for example, call a validation function based on the step the user is currently on and control flow from step -to-step based on the result.

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