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Possible Duplicate:
How does the (function() {})() construct work and why do people use it?


Learning javascript I came across with this function.

<script language = "javascript">
     (function( window, undefined ) {

Wondering what type of funcion is this one and how I can call it.


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Agreed, I'm answering this only for the window and undefined arguments, which is not covered in the "duplicate" and IMO it actually makes sense to explain... – CMS Oct 10 '10 at 2:26

It's a widely used pattern that allows you to have a local scope to declare all your variables, without pollute the global scope.

Is simply a FunctionExpression being immediately invoked, the window argument is used mostly to shorten the identifier lookup to the local scope.

In the browser environment window is a property of the global object, that points to the global object itself, if it exists on the local scope, resolving will be faster.

About the undefined argument, it is used to ensure that you can use it without worries, in some implementations (in fact all ECMAScript 3 based implementations) the undefined global property ( window.undefined ) is mutable, meaning that someone can change its value to e.g.:

window.undefined = true;

Breaking your script.

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