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I am trying to develop a job site using jobberland scripts.

But on connecting to server the following error shows on all the pages in Firefox:

Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

Can You help me with the fix please. Is the problem with scripts or with databases (as some sites have explained while I searched on this query).

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Your question is too generic. Add the code that is initiating the redirect so that it can be said why it happens over and over again. –  hakre Oct 16 '12 at 7:42

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Known Cause

Some hosting environments do not declare that they are running securely in a standard way (or at all in some cases). This will cause issues with the is_ssl() to not be set properly. Shopp see’s that SSL is required and then checks for SSL. If is_ssl() is not set, Shopp will attempt to redirect to HTTPS. Thus creating a loop.

The Solution in the link is only for wordpress, but if anyone knows of a generic php fix, please advise!

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There's an endless loop (or circular references) caused by HTTP redirection somewhere in the scripts.

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This might happen sometimes due to clogged session ( rather invalid cookies in your browser ) or also because of the redirection feature used in server. Say for example, the user access Page A, the server might ask the browser to redirect to some Page B by passing on some headers; and based on headers the browser might redirect to a Page B which in turn redirects back to Page A. And it goes on creating an indeterminate loop.

To solve you can try the following:

  • Clear your cookies in your browser
  • Check the session management and redirection mechanism which you have developed
  • Try to clear the server session variables and retry.

Hope it helps!!!

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Like stillstanding said. You have an endlessloop caused either by your php script or by a rewrite rule in your .htaccess or even caused by both.

For example you have a userlogin and if the user is not logged in you redirect any page to /. In index.php you check if the user is loged in and if not you normaly redirect to /login.php BUT lets now say you made an error and put a /user.php there so that user.php redirects to / because the user is not logged in.

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I had this same issue with a PHP page I was working on. While checking how it rendered in various browsers I got this weird error. I was never able to determine what caused it, the page loaded fine in IE9 + Opera, but gave this error in Firefox. The script checked for a stored cookie and showed a link based on it, but I wasn't using any redirects or sending any headers from the script. When the cookie was present in Firefox I got this error, when it wasn't the page loaded fine. Even after deleting and re-writing the cookie same thing. I removed Firefox and reinstalled the latest version and the error stopped popping up, so it seemed like something to do with Firefox handling the cookie although I have no idea why.

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