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I have created a silverlight app and have a listbox that is populated using a domaindatasource. I have created a button that takes the selected list item and updates a field (in my case its called IsDeleted) my domain service looks like this

  public IQueryable<Employee> GetEmployees(int storeID)
        return this.ObjectContext.Employees.Where(e=>(e.StoreID==storeID)&&(e.IsDeleted==false));

In my button event I am doing this

    EmployeeRecord.IsDeleted = true;

The database is been updated as expected until the application is reloaded or I F5 than I don't see the update. What else should I be doing to see the update straight away?

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You need to reload your domain context. Call the following:

myDomainDataSource.SubmitChanges((submitArgs) =>
                if (submitArgs.IsComplete)
                    myDomainDataSource.Load<MyType>(myDomainDataSource.MyQuery(filterTextBox.Text), System.ServiceModel.DomainServices.Client.LoadBehavior.RefreshCurrent, true);
                    if (myDataSource.CanLoad)
                else if (submitArgs.HasError)
                    throw submitArgs.Error;
            }, null);
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