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A short while ago I tried to install LightSwitch Beta, but after some sizeable and lengthy downloads, the installation aborts after trying to install Silverlight 4. It simply says that Silverlight 4 could not be installed. The log is not much help either, as the most informative entries are:

ISetupComponent::Pre/Post/Install() failed in ISetupManager::InternalInstallManager() with HRESULT -2147467260.

Return for Microsoft Silverlight 4.0 indicates a failed installation. DepCheck indicates the component is installed.

*dlmgr: Hash verification failed for Silverlight_Developer.exe. HRESULT = 0x80091007*

Error code 1502 for this component means "The event log file is full.

I am not amazed, and surprisingly I can still be disappointed with a Microsoft installation cock-up, but nonetheless this bugs me. Mine is a fairly standard dev machine, so why shouldn't something like this just work as expected. Has anyone encountered a similar situation? If so, what did you do to proceed?

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This probably has to do with your Silverlight version. Check out this thread in the LightSwitch forum for a possible solution.

HTH, -Beth

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