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I would like to use ZendX_Jquery autocomplete in a partial, which is in my layout. How can I do that : My layout :

<div class="prefix_11 grid_5" id="header_search_engine">
    <?php  echo $this->partial("/common/_search_engine.phtml");  ?>

An action :

public function autocompleteAction($search='') {
   $this->view->autocompleteElement = new ZendX_JQuery_Form_Element_AutoComplete('ac');
   $this->view->autocompleteElement->setJQueryParam('source', '/searchengine/getsearch');

How can I use it in the partial, in the layout ?

How can i send the autocompleteElement in the partial view ?,

Thanks to help.


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I had the same problem using autocomplete with my layout and I have solved it with the following:

  • Use placeholder for my searchBox
  • Create a Zend_Controller_Plugin that extends Zend_Controller_Plugin_Abstract
  • in predispatch execute method renderUiWidgetElement of autocomplete element.
  • set the placeholder with the form


class myLibrary_Controller_Plugin_SearchBox extends Zend_Controller_Plugin_Abstract
    public function preDispatch()

    public function searchBox()
        $viewRenderer = Zend_Controller_Action_HelperBroker::getStaticHelper('viewRenderer');
        $view = $viewRenderer->view;

        $searchForm = new Application_Form_JQueryForm();

The key is to launch method renderUiWidgetElement();. Without it, the layout will not add the neccesary javascript to the autocomplete element. I got this information from here: http://cientouno.be/blog/categorie/zend-framework

Thanks a lot to cientouno!

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Thank you, but, I used the ActionStack for display on every page. And do, I use a form.

public function autocompleteAction() {
     $formAutoComplete = new Frontoffice_Form_Autocomplete();
     $this->view->autocompleteElement = $formAutoComplete;

and, in the layout :

<div class="prefix_10 grid_6" id="header_search_engine">
   <?php  echo $this->partial("/common/_search_engine.phtml");
   echo $this->layout()->autocomplete;
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You can send the autocompleteElement in the partial view with this code.

<div class="prefix_11 grid_5" id="header_search_engine">
        <?php  echo $this->partial("/common/_search_engine.phtml", array('autocompleteElement ' => $this->autocompleteElement);  ?>
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