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I'm using OpenJPA and want to configure it to use Autocommit on every write/insert operation.

At the moment I have to do this:

        MyEntity e = new MyEntity();

What I want to be able to do is this:

MyEntity e = new MyEntity();        
em.persist(e); // auto commit here

I have this property set to true:

openjpa.NontransactionalWrite : true

Any clues?!

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You can't auto-commit with JPA. If you want to remove the local transaction management, use JTA/CMT or Spring managed transactions.

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As far as I know, OpenJPA uses the autocommit value from the underlying connection. BUT it explicitly sets autocommit to false whenever you begin a transaction.

You can check the underlying connection with the following code:

OpenJPAEntityManager oem = OpenJPAPersistence.cast(em);
Connection conn = (Connection) oem.getConnection();
boolean autoCommit = conn.getAutoCommit();
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