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If foo is a google appengine app that can be accessed at both foo.appspot.com and www.mydomain.com

How do I get various publishers to be able to access this by pointing foo.theirdomain.com to theirdomain.mydomain.com or theirdomain.foo.appsopt.com.

One way is - theirdomain needs to setup a google apps account - and than install my app - and than specifically note that it can be accessed at url foo.theirdomain.com - and in their domain manager have foo.theirdomain.com point to ghs.google.com

What about domains that "do not have" a google apps account. How would they be able to get foo.theirdomain.com to point to either theirdomain.mydomain.com or theirdomain.foo.appspot.com

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The answer in your question is correct. Currently their domain must be setup as a Google Apps domain. They do not have to use or enable any other services on the domain.

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