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When editing XAML in VS2008 SP1, the editor is really slow. devenv process seems to be around at 40% CPU (the machine I’m using at the moment is only dual core, so that’s almost maxing out one core) most of the time. It spikes up a bit more when I switch to another XAML file. I do also have ReSharper installed, but I think I’d rather put up with the slowness than remove that :)

Any suggestions on how I can speed things up a bit?

Edited to add: I'm already using the Xaml only view, which did speed it up from what I remember - but it's still to sluggish. Also, the Xaml files aren't massive - only 100 to 200 lines.

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You can speed it up a lot by only viewing the XML view. Tools / Options / Text Editor / XAML / Always open documents in full XAML view (check this box).

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It looks like the slowdown is due to ReSharper. From a bit more Googling I found that pressing Ctrl+8 will turn ReSharper off for the current file (Ctrl+8 again to turn it back on). If I do this for the slow Xaml files, my problems pretty much go away (and I don’t mind not having ReSharper for Xaml)

Update: The 4.1 release of ReSharper seems to have fixed the performance problem, so I no longer need to use the Ctrl+8 shortcut.

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I still have this issue in Resharper 5.1.3... But I don't have this Ctrl+8 shortcut. Do you remember the name of the command? –  Thomas Levesque Aug 9 '11 at 16:26
Resharper_ToggleSuspended –  Tod May 4 '12 at 22:20

I found that this hotfix solved a major lagging and stuttering issue I was having.


Before simply scrolling or editing a tag in my xaml would cause a 5-10 second pause in VS2008. This hotfix seemed to remedy most of it; not it only pauses after save and loading xaml files.

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Maybe you can edit the XAML file outside Visual Studio. Use tools like:

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