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I have commandLink with an actionListener that calls a method to change the value of text. The same commandLink has an action that reloads the page. When I click the commandLink, the actionListener is called. But the action only is completed --showing the updated value of text-- when I refresh the browser. Why isn't the outputText being automatically updated?

Some code: home.jspx

 <table id="main_table">
 <tr><td width="160px"><jsp:directive.include file="./logo.jspx" /></td>
      <td><jsp:directive.include file="./header.jspx" /></td></tr>
 <tr><td width="160px"><jsp:directive.include file="./vertical_navigation.jspx" /></td>
      <td align="center"><ice:outputText value="main" /></ice:outputText></td></tr>

customer.jspx is the same, but the value of the outputText is #{customer.text} vertical_navigation.jspx: many command links like the following:

<ice:form id="nav_form"><ice:panelGrid columns="1">
    <ice:panelCollapsible expanded="true">
    <f:facet name="header"><ice:panelGroup>
      <ice:outputText value="Customer" />
     <ice:panelGrid columns="1">
      <ice:commandLink actionListener="#{client.defineText}" 
      immediate="true" action="customer" id="list">
       <ice:outputText value="List" />

the bean:

public String text;
public void defineText(ActionEvent evt) { 
 text = ... some text related to the link
public String getText() {
 return text;

Well, everything works fine, except that I have to refresh the page when I click a link so that the value of text is updated. I put some System.out.println() satatements inside the bean methods and noticed that the defineText method is called whenever I click a link. But the getText is called only after a refresh. The output is like this:

// click the link "list"
called defineText for link list
// click the link "new"
called defineText for link new
// click the link "external"
called defineText for link external
// refresh the broswer
called getText // this will show the updated value of "text" for the link "external"
// click the link "new"
// refresh the broswer
called defineText for link new
called getText // this will show the updated value of "text" for the link "new"

I'm working with JSF 1.2 and IceFaces 1.8.2.

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I have finally found a sollution. I removed the JSF 1.2 Apache Myfaces and substituted by the Sun RI jars. If anyone can explain why it worked, I'll appreciate.

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I don't work with IceFaces, but try to remove immediate="true" from your command link - with standard h:commandLink it could cause the problem.

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I have tried it before. The getText method is called (page is refreshed, good) but the defineText method is not called anymore, which means that the actionListener does not work -- bad. :-( – Paulo Guedes Oct 10 '10 at 18:04

Its about the cycle and how the events are handled.

from my experience, two ways to fix it:

1) queue the event (check the different type of events) until its time to update the values.

2) work around by trapping with another tag

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