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Today I started to play around with git to create some patches. I choose egit for this job, because I don't know a nice gui for git and I'm a eclipse user. I created a branch and I changed the following files (result of git status)

   modified:   .gitignore
   modified:   framework/src/play/utils/Java.java
   modified:   modules/crud/app/controllers/CRUD.java

If I call commit on the project in eclipse I only get modified: .gitignore modified: framework/src/play/utils/Java.java even a commit on the CRUD file himself doesn't help.

I'm using under debian lenny, eclipse 3.6.1 with egit 0.9.1. I haven't a problem working on the console except if I want to analyze diffs. It's a little bit frustrating. Never get such a trouble with bzr.

After change CRUD again (before commit) and call git add . CRUD wasn't added. I must do it manually.

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  1. .gitignore support in egit is incomplete.
  2. try git add -A .
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ad 1: means that egit ignores files even if they are not in .gitignore? ad 2.: git version hasn't -A as an option. – niels Oct 12 '10 at 16:02

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