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I am trying to move from the typical combination of APC (for opcode) and Memcache (for my userdata) to a purely apc based cache. Given my usage structure it makes sense and performance is higher.

But unlike before, where the apc cache was limited to a reasonable size and did not affect my data cache, I am now worried that the opcode cache might grow relatively large so that the sum of opcode cache an datacache exceeds the limit. As far as I understand, this would result in a flush of the total cache.

Is there a way to mimic the behaviour, as if apc was only an opcode cache and limit the opcode cache size to a reasonable limit, leaving the rest for user data?

Or should I try setting lower ttl values for the opcode cache, so it always gets flushed first?

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It turned out, that my question is irrelevant. Due to the cache fragmentation problems, the cache is quickly marked as full. (see other posts on stackoverflow). As a consequence apc user cache should only be used selectively.

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