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My app. contains the window in the picture:

alt text

The ItemsSource of the DataGrid is set to _editList ( declared as IList < Vendor > _editList;).

The data grid is set to Read Only.

The Vendor Name text box has the binding set as : Text="{Binding ElementName=dataGridVendors, Path=SelectedItem.Name, Mode=TwoWay}"

This works well. However, as it is the Vendor Name cell only updates when the user is done typing in the Vendor Name textbox and clicks on something else. Say I want to change the vendor name to "John Lennon II" . I have to click on the textbox and type the characters I want to add and than I have to click on something else and only then the datagrid makes the update.

I want to make the update happen as the user types the characters....Is this possible ?

Regards, Sebastian

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Add the UpdateSourceTrigger to your Binding

Text="{Binding ElementName=dataGridVendors, Path=SelectedItem.Name, Mode=TwoWay,  UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}"

Its default trigger is lost focus. When you change it to PropertyChanged the Updates will done when you're typing.

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thanks a lot ! i really appreciate this ! –  MadSeb Oct 10 '10 at 19:24

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