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I am hoping to use PyQt to produce an application that will display an equation entered by the user. I had considered matplotlib, but this seems like overkill as I would only be using it to render the latex.

I need to use SymPy anyway, so I was hoping there would be a way to use it to do the rendering also, preferably producing an SVG file for PyQt to use.

I hope this makes sense - many thanks in advance for any help/advice.

Best wishes, Geddes

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You could output MathML using SymPy and then use SVGMath to convert it to SVG.

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Great stuff, many thanks - looks like it might be just what I was after! –  Geddes Oct 13 '10 at 21:57

If you just need simple rendering using python, how about trying ipython 0.11 with qtconsole using sympy profile(ipython qtconsole --profile=sympy). It did implement matplotlib, but I consider it quite clean considering mathematical expressions can be rendered directly on the qtconsole. Need to install pyzmq module.

Edited(18 Nov 2011):

I've created a python distribution integrating Ipython with qtconsole for Windows. It serves my needs, it may serve yours. May save someone's trouble installing those packages. Check Python4Math.

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