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Is there any alternate Erlang interpreter?

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What do you mean by an "Erlang interpreter"? Do you mean a full implementation of the Erlang language and its libraries? –  rvirding Oct 11 '10 at 13:39

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No, the only fully featured Erlang interpreter is the official one.

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I heard about erjang from one of the Erlang creators, Robert Virding, so I think thats not true –  danechkin Jan 25 '12 at 3:20
Note he qualified his statement by saying "fully featured". In that regards, his statement is correct. –  Mike Brown Feb 10 '12 at 15:19

Yes, there is Elixir.

It can be found here:

Elixir is an alternate language syntax which is interpreted/compiled for the erlang beam VM. It is nearly a full replacement for erlang (and the goal is for it to be one soon.)

The advantages of this approach are that you get the full support for all the features of erlang that comes with BEAM, et. al. You also get the features of a ruby like syntax and dynamic compilation that elixir gives you. You can even compile new elixir modules at runtime.

Depending on the motivation for the original question (Why look for a different interpreter? Speed? Portability?) Elixir might be the answer, as elixir is more flexible than erlang, while still being erlang at the end of the day.

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There are erjang and ling Former is closed and used only on this specific project.

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There have been several different Erlang interpreters in the past, but generally speaking, the only time you had two or more in existence at a time was because one was replacing another.

The current BEAM emulator is quite stable and powerful, so it would take an impressive development effort to replace it. There's no particular reason that couldn't happen. It would just take a lot of effort, which would be of questionable benefit during the time when the new emulator is less powerful than BEAM in some regard.

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If all you need is a small subset of Erlang that you embed into your application, then it is possible to do so using leex.

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At the moment no.

It would not be impossible to write your own and then import the Erlang libraries from Erlang/OTP. There are a few special versions for embedded systems and such, but other than that the answer is no.

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I heard of erjang

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Yes erjang is the only only port I'm aware of as well, but it's probably not production ready. There is some good content on InfoQ by the project owner ( –  dsmith Oct 12 '10 at 14:00
I don't think this project is active anymore. –  Andy Till Nov 27 '12 at 21:13

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