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I know that PHP5 will let you iterate through a class's properties. However, if the class extends another class, then it will include all of those properties declared in the parent class as well. That's fine and all, no complaints.

However, I always understood SELF as a pointer to the current class, while $this also points to the current object (including stuff inherited from a parent)

Is there any way I can iterate ONLY through the current class's properties. Reason why I'm asking this.... I'm using CI and iterating through $this includes tons of parent properties that I don't need.


class parent 
   public $s_parent = "Parent sez hi!";
   public $i_lucky_number = 6;

class child extends parent
   public $s_child = "Child sez hi!";
   public $s_foobar = "What What!!";
   public $i_lucky_number = 7;

   public iterate()
      foreach ($this as $s_key => $m_val)
          echo "$s_key => $m_val<br />\n";


$o_child = new child();

The output is

s_parent => Parent sez hi! 
s_child => Child sez hi! 
s_foobar => What What!!
i_lucky_number => 7

I DON'T Want to see "s_parent => Parent sez hi!"

I just want to iterate through the current class's properties. Not those inherited elsewhere.

Thanks in advance.

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What about private $variable in parent class ??!! –  Mb Rostami Aug 4 at 14:48

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Using the Reflection methods, you could do the following:

public function iterate()
  $refclass = new ReflectionClass($this);
  foreach ($refclass->getProperties() as $property)
    $name = $property->name;
    if ($property->class == $refclass->name)
      echo "{$property->name} => {$this->$name}\n";
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Looks good. Haven't had time to test it yet. I will get back to you. –  mrbinky3000 Oct 12 '10 at 19:39

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