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I want to do a query with two facets with SolrNet, City And Category. But each facet has diferrent properties. For example mincount for city is zero and for category is 1.

How can I do this with SolrNet?

I know FacetParametes has Queries property that can be an array of queries, but what about mincount?


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solr.Query("something", new QueryOptions {
    Facet = new FacetParameters {
        Queries = new[] {
            new SolrFacetFieldQuery("city") { MinCount = 0 },
            new SolrFacetFieldQuery("category") { MinCount = 1 },
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how to do this dynamically... I have numbers of dynamic filter criteria. Its dynamic so I need to program it to run new SolrFacetFieldQuery for each of them dynamically... Any idea how to do this? –  Dharmik Bhandari Jul 20 '12 at 10:00

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