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I just updated my code to jqueryui 1.8 and it gave me this error: this._mouseInit is not a function. How would I go about fixing this? I have a widget that does mouse start drag and stop. here is my code:

$.widget("ui.boxTool", $.extend({}, $.ui.mouse, {

            _create: function() {
                this.dragged = false;

                this.width = $('#toPinpoint').width();
                this.height = $('#toPinpoint').height();

                this.helper = $(document.createElement('div'))
                  .css({border:'1px dashed #c2c0c0'})

              destroy: function() {
                  .removeClass("ui-boxTool ui-boxTool-disabled")

                return this;

          _mouseStart: function(event) {
            var self = this;

            this.opos = [event.pageX, event.pageY];

            if (this.options.disabled)

            var options = this.options;

            this._trigger("start", event);


              "z-index": 100,
              "position": "absolute",
              "left": event.clientX,
              "top": event.clientY,
              "width": 0,
              "height": 0

          _mouseDrag: function(event) {
            var self = this;
            this.dragged = true;


            return false;

          _mouseStop: function(event) {
            var self = this;

            this.dragged = false;

            var options = this.options;

            var clone = this.helper.clone()

            this._trigger("stop", event, { box: clone });

            return false;

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The syntax changed a bit, your opening line:

$.widget("ui.boxTool", $.extend({}, $.ui.mouse, {

Should now be:

​ $.widget("ui.boxTool", $.ui.mouse, {

Make sure to change last line to match as well, })); should be just }); now.

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