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I'm wondering what is the difference between asp and

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there is a big difference like the answers below illustrate. However these days most people just use the term ASP or just .NET when they refer to ASP.NET because that it's just assumed that is what most ppl are using – Daveo Oct 11 '10 at 0:26
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ASP.NET is not the same as ASP. The "old" ASP is now called classic ASP. ASP.NET is a Markup Language can, among other things, use the server server controls to run elements.

As for example:

<form id="MyForm" runat="server">

Then you said that it will run on the server and you have an id to control it.

  • NET is the framework (such as a library)
  • C #, J #, VB.NET, they are the main script languages for communicating with. NET
  • ASP.NET is Markup Language .
    it runs on the server side. It generates xml / html / xHTML even further, to the user. In many ways one can compare ASP.NET, with WinForms. Then there is a way to visually show something to the user.
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First hit on Google ("what is the difference between classic asp and").

Explains everything (no need to re-explain it here).

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I'm just searching polite and helpful people. It is the easiest way to say: "google it" and be rude. The hardest thing is to help other people without stupid and obvious comments. – truthseeker Oct 11 '10 at 17:12
Gotta disagree with you, truthseeker. While this answer is just a link, the link has a very complete answer to your very broad (and dated) question. RPM1984 didn't get his 4000+ points by being "stupid" and "obvious". – mgroves Oct 11 '10 at 20:59
I never said "google it". I simply provided a link with all the info. I don't see the point in rewriting an answer (especially when the question is vague and long). Nonetheless, thanks truthseeker, i will make an attempt to try and not be 'stupid' by helping out people like you anymore. – RPM1984 Oct 11 '10 at 21:22
H'm people are rude and what is more don't know what they are writing and what they are reading. Does the thirst word's doesn't say something about google? I'm just said that RPM could give himself peace of mind with remarks on Google. Link without any comment would be perfect help. – truthseeker Oct 18 '10 at 7:48

There is several differences between asp(sometimes called classic asp) and

  1. ASP is interpreted while ASP.NET is compiled, That's why ASP.NET work faster then ASP.
  2. ASP use ADO while ASP.NET use ADO.NET to for database connectivity.
  3. ASP usage classic languages like VB Script while ASP.NET use .NET classes like C#.
  4. ASP page use .asp extension and ASP.NET use .aspx extensions.
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There are some key differences between ASP and ASP.NET as follow.

Check out:


  1. It has limited oops support and not having built in support for XML.

  2. Very less development and debugging tool available.

  3. Error handling is very poor.

  4. It has no in built validation control. Meaning that validating page is difficult for developers.


  1. It has full support of XML. Which helps easy data exchange.

  2. Various tools and compiler available.

  3. Error handling is very good.

  4. In built validation controls. It has rich validation set - range validator, custom validator and regular expression.

See more at

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