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I'm using Ruby 1.8.7 with rubyGems 1.3.7 and mongrel 1.1.5 and keep getting the following error.

Error calling Dispatcher.dispatch #

There is supposed to be a patch to fix this at http://gist.github.com/471663 but for when I add this to config/initializers my app fails to route the address correctly giving me an error from /config/initializers/mongrel.rb. That error reads

[4;36;1mSQL (0.1ms)[0m [0;1mSET NAMES 'utf8'[0m [4;35;1mSQL (0.0ms)[0m [0mSET SQL_AUTO_IS_NULL=0[0m

Processing ApplicationController#index (for at 2010-10-11 16:37:45) [GET]

ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches "/" with {:method=>:get}): config/initializers/mongrel.rb:62:in `dispatch_cgi'

Rendering rescues/layout (not_found)

Has anyone seen this error before and know how to fix it? I did some research on the topic and wasn't able find any real answers as to why this is happening. This one really has me stumped, so help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

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There is no version of Rails that is 1.8.7, that would be your Ruby version. –  Ryan Bigg Oct 10 '10 at 22:42
That's correct. Thanks for pointing out though that I failed to mention that I am using Rails 2.3.8 in this installation. –  DeepThought Oct 11 '10 at 1:22

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