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It is hackish and myopic to write a new XML schema for a common data situation without considering existing standard schemas. It would be silly, for instance, to write a schema for recording internet bookmarks without considering XBEL.

Yet while a quick search yeilds hundreds of examples of how to write your own DTD, RNC, XSD, etc, I haven't seen a site where you can browse hundreds of standard schemas for particular problem spaces, e.g. product catalogs for e-commerce, office inventories, or lesson plans for teachers.

Where can I browse often-used schemas?

EDIT: This question was originally about where to browse standard DTDs. Then it came to my attention that DTDs are dead - I've now changed my request from 'DTD' to 'schema', which I take to mean a "validatable specification for an XML-based markup language"

EDIT: Links like these, only more comprehensive: 1. Wikipedia's list of Schemas 2. Altova's Schema Library 3. Liquid Technologies' XML Standards Library

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Is > the sort of thing you're after? I suspect existing standardization is less than you hope.

ALSO, I personally prefer RNC or at least XSD or another rich schema approach whenever possible, in preference to DTD.

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Wow, what a shame - all the links on to DTD Repositories are ten years old and dead! OK, I give up, DTDs are dead. –  P. Myer Nore Oct 11 '10 at 3:37
Hang on. There's still plenty of use of DTDs. Give me a day, and I'll find repositories you can better use. –  Cameron Laird Oct 11 '10 at 15:15

Here's a lot of GIS-related schemas:

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