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I am having a lot of trouble working with the libxml2 library to parse an xml file.

I have weeded out a previous, similar problem, but have run into another.

Here is the problem code:

class SSystem{
    //Make SSystem from XML Definition. Pass ptr to node
    SSystem(xmlNodePtr Nptr, xmlDocPtr Dptr){
        name = wxString((char *)xmlGetProp(Nptr, (xmlChar*)"name"), wxConvUTF8);
        //Move to next level down, the <general> element
        Nptr = Nptr->xmlChildrenNode;
        //Move one more level down to the <radius> element
        Nptr = Nptr->xmlChildrenNode;
        //Get Radius value
        if (!xmlStrcmp(Nptr->name, (const xmlChar *)"radius")) {
            char* contents = (char*)xmlNodeGetContent(Nptr);
            std::string test1 = std::string(contents);
            radius = wxString(contents, wxConvUTF8);

Both an xmlNodePtr and an xmlDocPtr are passed to the constructor, which works fine taking just a property ("name"), but is now choking on further parsing.

Here is a piece of the xml file in question:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <ssys name="Acheron">
   <radius>3500.000000</radius> <-- I am trying to get this value (3500).
   <nebula volatility="0.000000">0.000000</nebula>

It compiles fine, but crashes when the constructor is loaded (I know because, if I comment out the if conditional and the char* contents = (char*)xmlNodeGetContent(Nptr->xmlChildrenNode), it runs fine.

I've tried so many different things (removed one of the Nptr->xmlChildrenNode), but nothing works.

What is wrong?

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I believe the crash is due to a segmentation fault, so something with pointers is going awry. –  Biosci3c Oct 11 '10 at 2:31
Anyone? Any other suggestions? –  Biosci3c Oct 11 '10 at 4:35

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char* contents = (char*)xmlNodeGetContent(Nptr->xmlChildrenNode)

Should probably be this:

char* contents = (char*)xmlNodeGetContent(Nptr)
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I tried that, still crashes. –  Biosci3c Oct 11 '10 at 3:16
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Okay, I am going to use a different XML parsing library, as Libxml is a bit too complicated for me.

I am looking into using MiniXML (http://www.minixml.org/).

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Oh yeah, this is way easier for me to understand. –  Biosci3c Oct 14 '10 at 4:42

@Biosci3c: The method you are calling returns some fake value. You should not call the method


instead you have to get the data corresponding to radius in cdata callback method below here.

void cdataBlock (void * ctx, const xmlChar * value, int len)

Check out in libxml library documentation for reference...

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I just wrote a C++ wrapper to libxml2. It is on github if someone is interested: https://github.com/filipenf/libxml-cpp-wrapper

The idea is to make the use of libxml2 easier for C++ programmers - that's the main goal of this wrapper.

In the github repository there is a simple example of how to use it, but you can use it like this: string office_phone = reader.getNodes()[0]["Customer"]["ContactInfo"]["OfficePhone"].text;

It is a work-in-progress so there is many room for improvement....

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