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I want to extend android's default IME, LatinIME. I cloned LatinIME's Android 2.1 tag from here (;a=summary), but there are some issues with the code...

For example in the class CandidateView the variable mScrollX is used, which is part of View, the extended class. But turns out that with the public SDK, that variable is private so it can't be used by children classes.

What I found in Google to be the solution to this is to change the use of mScrollX for the public getters of View, but the code also sets that variable and there are no setters available.

Another issue is that is used, which also isn't public available.

How am I supposed to extend LatinIME? Has anyone tried to do something like this?

Thanks in advance.

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use int scrollX = getScrollX();

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