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demo i'm test a regular expression,i curious about the match result,

the symbol * is greendy,in my option,the result shuld only match 1 result, like belows:

<script language=javascript>
ati('#', '../../../UpLoadFile/Product/20101010162153846.jpg', '加厚青色围脖');
<script language=javascript>

but the result is not what i expect,any one could help me explain it,thank you?

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* is greedy, but it's only matching \s, which means whitespace characters. If you want to match everything up to the last appearance of ati, use .* instead.

If this environment doesn't match newlines with ., maybe you can include them by matching on (.|\n)*

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The usual way to make . match anything-including-newlines is to set the dot-matches-all switch (e.g. /.*/s or (?s).*--it's s in most flavors, but Ruby uses m). In JavaScript, which has no dot-matches-all mode, it's best to use [\s\S]*. –  Alan Moore Oct 11 '10 at 5:38

It can not match what you want because you are only matching the start of it.

Greedy gets you when you look for something arbitrary between 2 markers, and you get everything between the first and last, i.e.


Usually, when you do that, you want all p elements. But without the ungreedy .*? or the U flag, you will get everything between the first and last instance.

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So to pack this answer into a regex, I guess the poster probably wants /<script language=javascript>\s*ati.*?</script>/. –  DarkDust Oct 11 '10 at 5:29

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