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How do I determine how long an application has been running? Is there a broadcast each time an app is launched and shutdown?

I am trying to log the time spent using an application.

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There is no broadcast, but the activity lifecycle methods (e.g. "onResume", "onPause" and "onDestroy") are called whenever the activity starts or stops being active, or is torn down. –  Christopher Orr Oct 11 '10 at 8:28

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If you are interested in logging your own application's use, you can use System.currentTimeMillis() to get the start time, and diff it with the value returned when the app is closed.

To get the entire time the app is up, you would want to diff between onCreate() and onDestroy() of your foremost Activity class. For just the time the app is in the foreground, use onResume() and onPause() in each of your Activity classes and sum the time from each class.

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Is it possible to know how long somebody else's app is running on the phone? Ex: How long is the gmail app running on the phone? –  Shoan Oct 15 '10 at 3:06
@Shoan You should post a new question for this - seems like a pretty popular comment. –  donturner Feb 13 at 23:17
@donturner I was only clarifying the intent of the question. Should I rephrase and add this to the question? –  Shoan Feb 14 at 1:46
@Shoan Sorry didn't realise you were the OP. This answer doesn't cover other applications and hence doesn't answer fully your original question. I would unaccept it and see if anyone else can answer your question more thoroughly. –  donturner Feb 14 at 14:37
@donturner Just unaccepted. Thanks. –  Shoan Feb 15 at 1:45
 long millisSinceBoot = SystemClock.elapsedRealtime();
         System.out.println("00000    "+millisSinceBoot);
         System.out.println("11111    "+values.get(position).activeSince+" "+values.get(position).process);
         long time = ((millisSinceBoot - values.get(position).activeSince)/1000);
         int[] vals = splitToComponentTimes(time);

         String time1 = vals[0]+":"+vals[1]+":"+vals[2];

         System.out.println("valssssss "+vals[0]+" "+vals[1]);
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