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I'm writing a Mozilla component to get all the links from a page an write them into a file using XPCOM and C++. I get all the links into an array like this:

//doc is a pointer to nsIDOMDocument
doc->GetElementsByTagName(NS_LITERAL_STRING("A"), getter_AddRefs(nodeList));
href = new nsEmbedString[nodeNumb];

for(PRUnit32 i=0; i< nodeNumb; i++){
   nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMNode> aNode;
   nodeList->Item(i, getter_AddRefs(aNode));
   nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement> anchor = do_QueryInterface(aNode);
      href[i] = anchor->GetHref(tempHref);  
 } // end of for

but now how can I get them write to a file. I'm really clue less how to work with file in XPCOM. Can some one please give me some hints or links to tutorials please?

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I'm not familiar with XPCOM, but is there a reason you can't use standard C++ streams? –  casablanca Oct 11 '10 at 5:51
@casablanca: XPCOM offers some support to find a reasonable location for such files in a platform-independent way. In practice, you'll find it insufficient on Windows. –  MSalters Oct 11 '10 at 11:16

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You've probably seen nsIFile, which does offer an IsWriteable() method but no write(). You'd want nsILocalFile::openANSIFileDesc(), which returns an ordinary FILE*.

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That means you have to worry about closing the file yourself and leaves you to deal with platform specific issues. –  sdwilsh Oct 11 '10 at 17:21

You'll want to use an nsIFileOutputStream.

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