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This is my Method:

Datatable data2 = new Datatable(); int result = 0; using (SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(connStr)) { try { SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(); cmd.Connection = conn; conn.Open(); cmd.CommandText = "SELECT * from TableA"; SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter(cmd); result = da.Fill(data2);

                    if (result > 0)
                        this.dgBatch.DataSource = data2;
                        MessageBox.Show("No Records!");

                catch (Exception ee)
                    if (conn.State == ConnectionState.Open) conn.Close();


If i call this Method consecutively it always Add Rows from the first Query.


Table Data: 5

First Call: 5

Second Call: 10 . it duplicate all Records  from first Call.

Thanks in Regards

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Assuming data2 is a datatable

result = da.Fill(data2); will always merge the results because you are using same instance of datatable.

if you want to get every time a fresh copy than create a new instance of datatable and than fill this instance with data.

so the line before result = da.Fill(data2); add following line.

data2 = new Datatable();

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That is because you are reusing data2. You should create a new instance for data2 before the following line:

result = da.Fill(data2);
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