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is there any possibility to set background image dynamically?!

I try to explain what I mean.

String picVariable = getPictureFromServer();

ImageView image = (ImageView)v.findViewById(;

// I know, that doesn't work, but that's the way I looking for

Thank you in advance,


Ps. I also read this article. It would suggested in one answer, to use java reflection to get a field of the R class by name. But I've never used reflextion before. An example would be very helpfull

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What does getPictureFromServer return? – David Hedlund Oct 11 '10 at 8:05
Something like "abc.png", and there is abc.png in drawables – Tima Oct 11 '10 at 8:15

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Sometimes I should take a bit more time for searching :)

I found the answer reading this article, and it works fine for me:

// The server says, it should be *.png
String picName = getPictureFromServer();
picName = picName.replace(".png", "");

Resources r = getResources();
int picId = r.getIdentifier(picName, "drawable", "com.mypackage.myapp");

ImageView image = (ImageView)v.findViewById(;
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ImageView does not have any background, but for other widget (like Button), you should use setBackgroundResource(int).

Sorry, I am not sure I read the question correctly... maybe your problem is just that you are trying to use it with a Widget that does not use background ?

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it's not really my project, I just clean errors and add new funktionality. And there is a background for imageviews, but it seems to me very weird as well to use in an imageview a background :) – Tima Oct 11 '10 at 8:17

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