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I have declared a DataGrid in UserControl.

Now I have included the UserControl in my main xaml file. I am trying to set the ItemsSource property of DataGrid from main.xaml; but I am getting an error "The property ItemsSource doesnot exist in the namespace".

I am able to set the other properties like Background,Foreground, etc.

My UserControl has this :

<wpfkit:DataGrid Name="DataGrid1"  

In main.xaml :

<usercontrol:MultiStepProcessGrid ItemsSource="{Binding GridData}" ></usercontrol:MultiStepProcessGrid>

The above line is giving an error stating that ItemsSource doesnot exist in namespace.
So I wanted to know whether its possible to set the ItemsSource from main.xaml or not!!

Please help me regarding this !!!

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Try this

<wpfkit:DataGrid Name="DataGrid1"  


<usercontrol:MultiStepProcessGrid DataContext="{Binding GridData}" ></usercontrol:MultiStepProcessGrid> 
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It works like a charm!!! Thanks a lot. –  GuruC Oct 11 '10 at 8:40

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