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I need some help in getting started with jQuery and autocompleting a username for example.

$('#username').replaceWith('<input id=\"username\" type=\"text\" name=\"user_name\">');

My first aim was to replace #username(dropdownbox) with a textfield. I already figured that out.

My second aim is:

Username: Faili

Username: Felix

By typing in 'f' in the textfield it should autocomplete to faili. If a second username starting with f exists, there schould be an option to select. Either faili or felix. googlemails autocempleting.

Hm, any link or help you can offer?

Thank you in advance.

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look on this nice autocomplete – Haim Evgi Oct 11 '10 at 9:42
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If you need some widgets you can use autocomplete fonctionality of JQuery UI.
You can find the widget and the documentation here:

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