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I'm interested in Collaberative Developing and I was wondering if there are alternative solutions than using UNA (example video) from N-Brain. Free would be even better, but I guess that's not an option which such technology.

PS: The main future I'm looking for is working real-time with multiple persons in the same code.

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If you're in Mac world, SubEthaEdit is a good option. Not free, but €29 isn't bad.

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After some further searching around I have found Gobby, seems to be much better than MoonEdit.
Don't think there is any better free program that supports developing more than color coding.

I hope to have helped others too by this question.

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Thanks to Charlie I have found MoonEdit, I'm still looking for better alternatives though...

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checky mark? +1? (I'm not above a little reputation-whoring.) –  Charlie Martin Dec 24 '08 at 3:05
Gave you some reputation (I forgot) and if after a some time there hasn't been a better solution, you will get the checky mark. ;-) –  Tom Wijsman Dec 24 '08 at 3:34

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